About Rangam

About Rangam

Who We Are

Who we are Rangam is a minority-, woman-, and disability-owned workforce solutions company. Our philosophy of “Empathy Drives Innovation” influences everything we do. As one of the fastest-growing professional staffing agencies providing autism jobs, we specialize in attracting and retaining both neurotypical and neurodiverse talent globally for IT, Engineering, Scientific, Clinical, Healthcare, Administrative, Finance, and Business Professional sectors while integrating veterans and individuals with disabilities into the workforce.

At Rangam, our mission is to improve the quality of life for our candidates while providing exceptional service to our clients. We do this by delivering an integrated and inclusive recruiting solution that combines technology, training, and education to our candidates while providing our clients with a diverse network of qualified talent, including neurodivergent candidates seeking ability jobs.

Our Story

Our Story Hetal Parikh has a keen interest in utilizing technology to mitigate some of the most pressing socio-economic and healthcare challenges. During her tenure with Johnson & Johnson as a Senior Consultant, she learned the value of developing a people-centric business model that truly touches the lives of many. She co-founded Rangam with her husband Nish Parikh with two goals in sight:
1) connecting people to jobs and
2) addressing the issues surrounding diversity in the workplace, including employment for talent with autism, neurodivergence and disabilities.

Hetal’s journey as an entrepreneur began out of her Somerset residence with only two employees – Nish and herself. Their expertise, high quality work product and passion for excellence quickly attracted more business for this small team. Requests from their clients provided Rangam with the opportunity to design new product lines to support the Information Technology industry with enterprise tools and provided highly skilled talent. Expansion continued.

Rangam’s growing workforce focused on building new technologies for data collection and establishing ISO standards to get business from tightly regulated industries. Rangam continued to successfully expand its footprint across North America, Europe, the Middle-East, and Asia, thus further aligning our first goal of providing increased opportunities for people to access new jobs

An advocate of the strength of women in the workforce, Hetal is committed to empowering and supporting women in the workforce, as is evident from 70% of Rangam’s internal staff in leadership to operational roles being women. She mentors young women entrepreneurs and encourages them to pursue STEAM careers. She believes knowledge is power, and sharing it is even more empowering. You will find Hetal participating on various boards and taking part in many organizations to help her gain additional knowledge to share with her network of candidates, clients, and colleagues.

Rangam is also committed to providing employment opportunities for the women and men who have served our country. SourceVets™, a veterans’ career development and employment program for transitioning military service members is a Rangam product connected our honored veterans to meaningful employment within our employer network.

In 2007, an experience with a friend who has a child with autism, impacted Hetal, Nish and Rangam forever. Hetal and Nish set up a technology subsidiary, Rangam Technologies, in New Jersey to design, develop, and deliver game-based skill development programs for children with autism. Rangam Technologies expanded into India where Hetal and Nish established the Colors Academy for children with autism to develop and refine skills and prepare for adulthood.

Being a diverse workforce solutions company, Rangam leads by example, hiring talent with autism, neurodivergence and disabilities to enhance our internal workforce and our client consultants. We have a goal of 20% of our global workforce to be team members with disabilities, autism and/or neurodivergence. As of 2021, we are proud to share that we are halfway to our goal with 10% of our workforce disclosing their disability, autism and/or neurodivergence.

Building upon our success, lessons learned and subject matter expertise of our team members, Rangam introduced SourceAbled™ into the staffing market in 2015, with full client implementation abilities in 2017.

Being a minority, woman, and disability-owned global workforce solutions company with an employment product providing connection to the disability community continues to be a game-changer in the talent acquisition space and redefine how companies attract, hire, onboard, support, and retain talent with disabilities, autism, and neurodivergence. This program aligns with and exceeds Hetal and Nish’s second goal for Rangam.

Believing truly in our mission of Employment for Everyone and Empathy Drives Innovation, Hetal, Nish, and the leadership team at Rangam continue to push the limits of traditional employment processes to create new opportunities for business growth, community services, and social welfare. Due to this effort, we have a loyal client base, a rich culture of inclusion, and are blessed with a diverse, experienced, and highly qualified team to support the founding vision of Hetal and Nish.
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