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Unlocking Potential: Paving the Way for Career Success for Students with Disabilities in Europe

Hello there! If you're a student with disabilities looking to kick-start your career journey in the EMEA region, we're here to help. At Rangam, we're passionate about fostering diversity and inclusion, and we want to chat with you about the unique opportunities that await you on your path to a fulfilling career. A Shifting Landscape: Leading the ...


Unlocking Potential: Gender Diversity and the Return to Office

Do you still work from home, or do you have to work in the office now? While many employees are on hybrid schedules where they work in the office for a few days and from home for a couple of days, some employees are back in the office full-time. A study by LinkedIn shows that female job seekers are more interested in remote jobs than in-office ...


The Transformative Effects of Gender Diversity on India's Job Market

Gender diversity refers to the representation of both men and women, as well as individuals of other genders, in the workplace. In India, like many other countries, gender diversity has been a topic of discussion and concern within the context of hiring and employment practices. Here are some ways in which gender diversity may impact hiring in ...